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Please call 715-422-0819

→ Fire: Call 911, then call Ruesch Co.
→ Natural gas leak
→ No heat (winter months)
→ Uncontainable water leak

If it is not a true emergency, your request will be addressed the next business day

True Emergencies


The following information has been gathered to help you with general maintenance that is your responsibility as a Ruesch Companies tenant. 



If you are having issues with your heating and cooling, please check the following items before putting in a maintenance request:

→ Did you replace your furnace filter? This can cause issues with the heating AND cooling of your home.

→ Does your thermostat operates on batteries? Have you replaced the batteries?

→ Is there gas running to your furnace? Are you current on your utility bills? Is the pilot light lite on your furnace?

→ Is there power being ran to your unit? Did you check the breaker box to see if anything has tripped?



  • Dishwasher – For best performance use a quality detergent, and rinse aid, along with a bottle of dishwasher cleaner every 6 months.

  • Washer/Dryer – No Large Items (Examples: Blankets, Bedspreads, Comforters, or Rugs). Clean dryer lint trap after every use.      


→ Be prepared; have back up batteries for the items that require them.

→ Smoke alarms will require a either a 9-Volt Rectangular Battery, or 2 “AA” Batteries.

→ Rectangular shaped digital thermostat requires 2 “AAA” Batteries.

→ Garage Key Pad requires a 9-Volt Rectangular Battery.

→ Garage Remote requires 1 or 2, (CR 2032)3-Volt Lithium Coin Cell Batteries.



During cold winter month’s condensation will appear on the window glass.  Please keep blinds open during the day to prevent moisture on the windows.


It is Ruesch Companies tenant’s responsibility to help prevent normal household moisture in their apartment/home. Neglecting to do so may cause more damage to the property and your health.

Things to do to help prevent (not eliminate) excessive household moisture are:

→ Keep bedroom doors open and ceiling fans moving on low to help air circulation.

→ Keep your bathroom fan running during use and for 20 minutes after use.

→ Open blinds during the day to allow interior heat sun to help with the moisture on windows.

→ Run range hood while cooking.

→ Using a towel to wipe off the moisture that will appear on the glass will help prevent the drywall around the window from staying wet.

→ Prevent placing large items of furniture in front of the windows.  This prevents good air movement.

→ Make sure windows are completely tight and locked during winter months.

→ Purchasing a dehumidifier will help keep humidity between 30 and 50.

Household Mold Clean Up Guidelines Bathroom Tips:

→ Places that are often or always damp can be hard to maintain completely free of mold. If there’s some mold in the shower or elsewhere in the bathroom that seems to reappear, increasing the ventilation (running a fan or opening a window) and cleaning more frequently will usually prevent mold from recurring, or at least keep the mold to a minimum.

→ If the moldy area is less than about 10 square feet (less than roughly a 3 ft. by 3 ft. patch), in most cases, you can handle the job yourself, following the guidelines below. If the area is larger than that please contact Ruesch Companies and notify them of the issue.

Mold Control:

First, control the moisture issue by keeping the area well ventilated.

Second, using gloves, mask, and eye protections: scrub the hard surface using a soft brush with 1 qt water and ½ cup bleach mold killer mixture. Dry completely and remain dry for 3 days.

If mold doesn’t reappear in the 3 days after treatment the area can be painted with KILZ, if needed.

Remember if moisture returns the mold will return. It is impossible to eliminate household molds. It can only be controlled by well ventilating the area and cleaning the area when necessary.


→ Check if “Safety Beam Eyes” are lined up or if there is something blocking their beam. (Ice at the bottom of the door, preventing it from completely closing.) Helpful hint in the winter, take the remote inside when not in use.

→ Most garages are wired for safety with a GFCI outlet, located on one of the electrical outlets.  If you have lost power to your garage the GFCI reset button on that outlet may need to be reset.

→ Occasionally an electrical breaker can flip in your breaker box leaving you without electricity.  Check your breaker box for breaker marked garage, completely flip breaker to the off position, then to the on position.           


Replacing light bulbs are the Ruesch Companies tenant’s responsibility. If you are physically unable to change bulbs we are willing to install the bulbs that you purchased.


Chirping from a smoke alarm is a signal that the battery needs to be replaced. It is Ruesch Companies tenant’s responsibility to replace all batteries in smoke alarms and CO2 detectors to keep them running efficiently for their safety and the safety of others around them.


→ Purchase a plastic drain screen that will help catch hair, this will help with preventing clogs.

→ Purchase a toilet plunger.  Use only toilet paper, no feminine products, cotton swabs, etc. are to be flushed down the toilet.

→ GFCI outlets are located in the bathroom, kitchen and garage. If you are having trouble with not having power to an outlet in these areas, try resetting the GFCI button on the outlet before calling maintenance.

Trouble Shooting
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